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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a wide ranging impact on the film and video production industry.  Rules and impacts keep changing. This page is designed to help keep you informed while planning a production, before stepping on the set.

Down times provide a great opportunity to work on improving your skills. Please check our Resources page for educational topics, and other links of interest.

COVID-19 Compliance

Become a COVID-19 Compliance Officer (C19CO) for your productions.

Safe Sets International

COVID-19 Updates

How do you come up with a union-compliant COVID-19 safety protocol in the middle of a pandemic?
6 Things to Think About When Safeguarding Your Film Set from COVID-19

California Statewide Industry Guidance to Reduce Risk (scroll down to the Music, film, and TV production blade)

Reopening Guidelines

Coronavirus Spike Puts Hollywood’s Back-to-Work Plans in Serious Jeopardy

SDMP News You Can Use - COVID-19 Update - June 2020

Production Guidelines

Outside California

Film Distribution

Other Topics



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