The COVID-19 pandemic has had a wide ranging impact on the film and video production industry.  Rules and impacts keep changing. This page is designed to help keep you informed while planning a production, before stepping on the set.

Down times provide a great opportunity to work on improving your skills. Please check our Resources page for educational topics, and other links of interest.

Update March 2022

NAB has issued health and safety protocols for the event in Las Vegas, April 23-27.

Update February 2022


According to Variety, "Film and TV crews will continue to adhere to the industry’s elaborate COVID protocols, which require masking, distancing and regular testing, at least through April 30."

Hollywood COVID Protocols Extended to April 30, Booster Shots Addressed

From the height of an infection to being back on set it is “5” days: But first you must have no further symptoms, no temperature, etc. You must produce a negative test within 24 hour of going on set the day of arrival on set. Here's the catch. A PCR test takes 1-3 days for results and can still come back positive for up to 90 days after infection. So the test need to be an antigen test (15 min result) which can be taken just before leaving for set. I have the cast and crew take a photo of the test strip with the negative result on a paper with their name and date on it and text it to me before arrival and then check their temperature and fill out the daily covid-19 health survey as required by SAG.

From detecting that you are sick until you are clear for set it is around 7 days usually now (omnicron). The person who had covid (like everyone else on set) must stay distanced, wear a surgical mask, and test every other day. That the current procedure.
For everyone else it's a Negative PCR test to start a production week and an Antigen test every second day after that.
SAG now also has a reduced version but only under much lessened covid spread conditions. Currently Southern California is listed as “severe” so I don't expect much change soon.


The rules are based on the current CDC recommendations.

Official Covid “R-Naught” numbers site (add zip code:) - 

SAG/AFTRA Revision -

The rules are based on current CDC guidelines.

California - statewide info and resourses

(Note that the above resources are provided for informational purposes.)

Production Guidelines 

Safe Sets International Resources (includes US)

Links from the SDMP January 2021 Meeting 

  • City of San Diego Special Events and Filming Department website

Contact information:

City of San Diego Special Events and Filming Department: 

Brandy Shimabukuro, Film Liaison | Filming Program Manager

T (619) 685-1340    C (619) 846-2099

  • City of San Diego Supplemental Guidelines on Film/Still Photography Permitting and COVID-19 Prevention As of 6/9/2020
The template is an editable Word document 



City of San Diego COVID-19 Resources, Posters, and Materials

California Statewide Industry-Specific Resources

California Film Commission | Financial Assistance Resources

COVID-19 Compliance

Become a COVID-19 Compliance Officer (C19CO) for your productions.

Safe Sets International

COVID-19 Updates

How do you come up with a union-compliant COVID-19 safety protocol in the middle of a pandemic?
6 Things to Think About When Safeguarding Your Film Set from COVID-19

California Statewide Industry Guidance to Reduce Risk (scroll down to the Music, film, and TV production blade)

Reopening Guidelines

Coronavirus Spike Puts Hollywood’s Back-to-Work Plans in Serious Jeopardy

SDMP News You Can Use - COVID-19 Update - June 2020

Production Guidelines

Outside California

Film Distribution

Other Topics



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