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Benefits of Being a Member

Admission fees for monthly meetings are waived for Members.

As  a member of SDMediaPros, you enjoy the opportunity to improve your craft, while meeting with and learning from recognized media professionals.
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About Us

SDMediaPros is a community of, and for, professional media communications experts recognized as the definitive source of current comprehensive information, skills and connections needed to succeed in a highly competitive environment.

Why Join SDMediaPros?

If your job involves media communication, SDMediaPros provides the resources you need to perform your job more effectively, to advance your career… and to help you get the respect you deserve.

What do I get?


Our members share ideas, brainstorm problems, mentor, offer expertise and create solutions for one another.

Professional Development

To truly succeed, a media professional must be dedicated to continual learning—marketing, new technology, communication expertise, industry trends, best business practices and the latest market research. SDMediaPros is dedicated to providing its members the information and training needed to excel in their profession.


SDMediaPros provides opportunities to meet with, and learn from other professionals.

Board of Directors

President/Sponsors – Tom Kihneman 

Vice President – Mike Towe

Marketing – Jane Hare

Programs – Keith Methven

Membership/Volunteers – Marianne Bates

CFO/Treasurer – Mark Maisonneuve 

Secretary – Augie Augusto

Logistics – Mike Brueggemeyer

Meeting Coordinator - Bob Unger

Webmaster – Jeff Troeber

Social Media - Mickey Peters

Technology – Robin Martin 

At Large – Luke Jungers 

What do board members do?

The board is responsible for setting the educational direction of the group, setting the meeting schedule, developing special programs, such as Media Pro Camp, and managing the operations of the nonprofit.
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