Why Advertise With SDMediaPros?

The simple reason is that you’ll reach San Diego’s media professionals. While other organizations tend to have a lot of hobbyists, SDMediaPros is made up of working professionals. Professionals who need your products and services to satisfy their clients needs.  If you want a way to connect the working producers, directors, editors, camera owners, DP’s and every one in between – then get involved with SDMediaPros.

Here’s an idea of the types of expenses we incur to keep the organization running smoothly.

Signage  •  Web hosting  •  Guest travel  •  National Speakers  •  Venues  •  Meetings  •  Door prizes  •  Constant Contact  •  Social Media  •  Insurance  •  Bank fees  •  Board Meetings  •   Printing – Postcard, Brochures, Name Tags, Name Tag Printer  •  Creditcard Square Plan  •  Mobile Hot Spot  •  Meeting PA Equipment  •  Newsletter Publishing  •  LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest account maintenance

What you receive for your participation…

As a 501 C3 any sponsorship is a complete business write-off. With 30 to 50 professionals meeting every month, they get to meet you and hear about your products. You receive a consistent honorable mention at every meeting. You receive a web presence to promote your product or service 24/7. Annual sponsor programs include logo signage at every meeting.

PLUS! Vendor’s Corner.

Vendor’s Corner is an opportunity to directly address the group with a full demo. Set up a table and mingle before, during and after the meeting. Only $150.

Reach Media Professionals now!

Call Tom Kihneman now at 619-672-1000 and/or email him at Sponsorships@SDMediaPros.org for more information.

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