A Message from Jane Hare, SD Media Pros President - April 2021

19 Apr 2021 11:22 PM | Jeff Troeber (Administrator)

A compilation of production topics that caught the eye of Jane Hare, SDMP President, this month.

If you’re part of the production team or involved in COVID compliance, this Producers Guild of America panel is a great one to watch with insights about practical application of the protocols on set. I saw it live and it was definitely worth the time!

Do you visualize a script on your first read? Many cinematographers say they do not. Instead, they will distill the script to the essence or heart of the story. Five ASC members offer insight on their process in American Cinematographer.

Ava DuVerney launched Array Crew to offer productions access to qualified but underrepresented below-the-line crew members for hiring searches. “After I went through the period of being on every panel and being in every article about diversity, I stopped doing that.” She continued, “I had to create and be a part of the change that I wanted to see.” Array Crew currently covers Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami, Washington DC and Chicago, with plans to expand soon. Deadline has the details on the high profile participants and contributors.

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