A Message from Jane Hare, SD Media Pros President - May 2021

12 May 2021 11:16 PM | Jeff Troeber (Administrator)

A compilation of production topics that caught the eye of Jane Hare, SDMP President, this month.

I saw Noah Kadner speak about LED walls and virtual production at a webinar in January and immediately knew we needed to book him for an SDMP meeting. I made these screen grabs as he was doing his presentation.

Noah has a demo LED wall that, in combination with a high-powered gaming computer, allows him to create moving virtual backdrops.

In one example, he’s standing in the middle of a busy London city street. Keep in mind, this is moving HQ video of buses and cars behind him.

Add lighting and audio of street noises, and the whole scene comes to life.

Then, he talked about virtual backdrops like those you might see on The Mandalorian and how the addition of props, background and foreground elements add to the reality of the setting.

From the side though, his set is as simple as this:

To learn a little more, check out these articles:

User Friendly: New Options for Shooting In-Camera Effects

I had an opportunity to work with a 10x12’ LED wall for a TV broadcast shoot in San Diego in April. It took two technicians four hours to unload, assemble and wire, plus time for technical and playback tests. And it looked fabulous behind our talent! Have you worked with an LED wall yet?  Check the!  


Jane Hare
President, SD Media Pros

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