A Message from Jane Hare, SD Media Pros President -January 2022

20 Jan 2022 1:43 AM | Jeff Troeber (Administrator)

Happy New Year! Here’s a few things that caught the eye of President Jane Hare. 

When it comes to graphics, what are the top trends for 2022? This quick video looks at the trends plus why you might use them.

Mashup of 2D and 3D
Example by Bitfuel

Mixing Fonts
Example by Blaise Cepis

Glass and Crystals
Example by Hayoung Lee

Need more than a quick video? Here’s the full article with specific examples and links to graphic demos from GraphicMama

Ultimate skiing videos. Speed, motion and cold! This is Markus Eder's The Ultimate Run - The Most Insane Ski Run Ever Imagined, a medley of face shots, massive tricks and even bigger drops into holes and off of cliffs. 

And as I was thinking WHO SHOT THIS and how, I spotted the behind-the-scenes link. Innsbruck based production company Legs of Steel documented Markus’ sport with 90 filming days over two years.  


And finally, after the hubbub of the holidays, how about 60 seconds of silence. 

The website Black and Blue: Tips for Camera Assistants takes a listen to room tone

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Jane Hare
President, SD Media Pros

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